I have a question so I have a 5 week old puppy he started acting sleepy all the time. Well I took him to the vet and was referred to a heart specialist. My 5 week old puppy needs heart surgery to survive. We are going to do the surgery $3500 for the procedure I mentioned cost because it’s part of my question. Now the vet told me his chance of survival is 30%-60% yes it’s lower then I would like BUT he has a chance. My question is when is enough enough? Like at what point do you feel it’s time to give up and let the baby be a peace? Me personally once the vet told me he had a chance of surviving I knew we were going to pay what ever it cost. Now unfortunately I will have a new fur baby on the sofa. But is that really a bad thing he will have the love and care he needs that’s what matters right? Sorry I’m just curious how other would handle this situation.