Woof Worthy Tricks: Training Your Dog Basic Commands

Training your pup can be a great bonding experience for both you and your furry friend. Not only will it help them understand what is expected of them, but it can open up the opportunity to show off their skills and tricks to guests!

Here are some useful tips on how to train your dog basic tricks like roll over, sit, stay, and shake.

Roll Over: This trick may require a bit of patience as it’s harder than the others. You’ll need to start by getting your pup in a sitting position and then showing them a treat in your hand. Move the treat from their nose towards their shoulder while saying, “roll over”. Once they get into that position, give them the treat immediately followed by lots of praise. Repeat this until they get the hang of it!

Sit: This is probably the most common trick that dogs learn first. Put a treat in front of their nose and slowly move it upwards until their bottom touches the ground. As soon as they do this, say “sit” and give them the reward with lots of love and affection!

Stay: This one might take more effort as you want your pup to stay still while you move away from them. Start by having your pup sit or stand next to you, then hold up your hand with an open palm facing towards them while saying “stay”. Take one step back before giving them a treat for staying put. As they get better at this command move further away from them before rewarding.

Shake: This one is easy enough for even novice trainers! Have treats ready in one hand behind your back then use both hands to reach out towards theirs asking for a paw shake with a word like “paw” or “shake”. Give them rewards when they obey!

With patience and consistency comes success! Everyone loves seeing well-trained dogs show off their tricks so make sure to practice regularly with positive reinforcement when they do something well so that learning these commands becomes second nature for them. Who knows? Maybe you can even enter competitions if you feel confident enough! Good luck training those pups!

Darryl Polo

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