Top 4 Exotic Bully Studs

Finding the perfect stud dog can be a daunting and overwhelming task, especially if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. Fortunately, exotic bullies have become increasingly popular in recent years and there is now a wide variety of incredible studs available to choose from.

Today we will explore our top 4 picks for exotic bully studs that are sure to turn heads! From pocket sized stunners, to powerfully built giants - these top-tier selection of spectacular males represent some of the most desirable pedigrees around. If you’re looking for your next stud dog, then this article is definitely worth checking out!

Introducing the Exotic Bully Breed - What is an exotic bully and why are they so popular among dog owners

The exotic bully pedigree is an increasingly popular choice of dog among owners. Originating in the United States, the American bully breed has now become a worldwide phenomenon. This breed is well known to be easy to train, healthy and have excellent temperaments. It has a strong agility and intelligence which makes them ideal as companion animals. They are also good with children and often used as service animals or therapy dogs due to their agreeable behaviors. If you’re looking for a loyal canine friend you can look no further than the exotic bully breed. With its impressive physique, congenial nature and amazing stamina it is sure to make any family happy!

HighRoller Line's (HRK) - Jerkoff - The number one merle in the world.

HighRoller Line's (HRK) Jerkoff is the top merle in the world for good reason. Its sophisticated crossbreed genetics combine strong athleticism with a calm and easy-going nature, creating the perfect dog for a variety of family lifestyles. Whether you're looking for a loyal companion on long walks or a hard-working team member to help carry out everyday tasks, Jerkoff has it all. The blood line is also packed with potential - from agility and obedience competitions to field trials and herding, this amazing animal can handle anything you throw at him!


HighRoller Line's Jerkoff Pedigree

GoldenLineBully - Crown

GLB's Crown has quickly rose to the top of the bully studs. He is a lilac tri with an amazing structure. He is the product of Pimpy X Queen Cobra. GoldenLineBully's continue to create an amazing camp, and you cannot go wrong using him as a stud for your camp. 


GLB Crown Pedigree

The Bully Camp Line (TBC) - Giagi

TBC Giagi is a direct descendant of the infamous TBC's Mr. Miagi and TBC's She Devil. This famous blood line of american bullies has been the pinnacle of the most famous bully dogs for many years. Just about every camp has some form of Mr. Miagi within its roots.


TBC Giagi Pedigree

Gold Country Bully Camp's - Kobe

Kobe from Gold Country Bully Camp stands out from the rest- a beautiful tiny little lilac, who's sire and dam are DizzyCamp's Dizzy Devil ( Devilspiit's Grandson ) and GCB's own Nugget. Kobe's owner Brad Hakala has been making waves around the shows for a couple of years now, to find great success with Kobe.


GCB Kobe Pedigree

The Benefits of Owning an Exotic Bully Stud - High energy levels, muscle packed bodies, intelligence and loyalty to their owners

Owning an exotic bully stud can add a dynamitic boost to any family. Not just known for their high energy levels and muscle packed bodies, these canines are intelligent, playful and loyal companions that bring fun to all types of activities. The exotic bully makes an affectionate and devoted pet exhibiting unconditional love and commitment towards its owners. They are easy to handle too, as they often have a low maintenance exercise requirement while being able to quickly learn commands such as Sit, Stay and Come Here. Furthermore, these studs make great watchdogs – you’ll always know when someone’s at the door! Overall, owning one of these beautiful creatures is sure to provide lots of entertainment whether it's snuggling up on the couch or running around in the park.


All in all, the Exotic Bully Breed is an exciting type of dog to own. Its popularity comes from its sturdy physique, athleticism, and fierce loyalty to its owners. The biggest benefit of owning an exotic bully stud is the high energy level it can provide - whether you're walking or running with them, there's no end to the amusement and joy they bring. Of course, if you want something that is not just a pet but a family member as well, then these dogs are for you - plus, a lot of breeders have exceptional lines that perfectly suit your taste and lifestyle. With HRK Jerkoff being the number one merle in the world, Golden Line Bully's Crown, TBC Giagi, Gold Country Bully Camp's Kobe, and many more exclusive bloodlines available - exotic bullies are becoming some of the most sought-after dogs around. Finally, if you think you've found the right breed with all these traits and benefits - take some time to do research on which breeder has the perfect pup for you!

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